The role of the township Kandern and its organization

Self-rule in a commune
Voluntary roles
Essential duties
Duties supervised by the Land
Order of legislative norms
Mayor points of the Principal Ordinance
Polizeiverordnung der Stadt Kandern
  weitere Satzungen:
- Wasserversorgungssatzung mit Änderungen
- Abwassersatzung mit Änderungen
- Hundesteuersatzung mit Änderungen
- Vergnügungssteuersatzung mit Änderungen
- Friedhofssatzung- Friedhofsgebührensatzung
- Feuerwehr-Kostenersatzsatzung
- Streupflichtsatzung
- Haus- und Badeordnung Städtisches Freibad Kandern
- Benutzungsordnung Stadtbücherei Kandern
- Gebührenordnung Stadtbücherei Kandern
- Hallenbenutzung-Gebühren 2015
- Altstadtsatzung der Stadt Kandern
- Erhaltungssatzung Holzen inkl. Auszug aus dem Liegenschaftskataster
- Satzung über die Festsetzung von verkaufsoffenen Sonntagen
Local gouvernment in the Land Baden-Württemberg is based on the principle of self-rule. A commune must have a representation stemming from a general, direct and equal ballot. In Kandern, this is the municipal council. The municipal council gives guidelines and directives to the administration. Its decisions are obligatory, except for business which is assigned to the Burgomaster by law or by delegation through a council decision.
The Burgomaster is equally elected by the town citizens and also considered to be an administrative body of the commune. He is president of the municipal council, chief of the municipality and external representative of the town.
Local self-rule means to the commune, that all local business can be done locally, if not offending laws and their regulations.
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All voluntary roles can be decided freely by the commune. Voluntary roles are namely public institutions for sports, culture, arts and adult education, local traffic, water supply and business development.
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Public duties which are considered essential to the communes by the state (Federal Republic and/or Land) can be assigned to a township by law. Important duties are municipal waste water disposal, maintenance of a fire department, maintenance of public schools, town planning, and responsibility for roads owned by the town, street lightning, street cleaning or a contribution to the kindergartens in town.
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So far, all roles can be done in self-rule, only under legal control by public authorities of the Land. No direct orders have to be accepted.
Other duties for the commune are given by law and their execution can be enforced by orders from authorities of the Land. Principally, these are registration office and local police tasks. The work of the municipality in these fields is controlled not only for legal correctness, but also supervised. Responsible for the execution of the measures is the Burgomaster.

In some cases, the Land acts in behalf of the federal state. It gives orders to the local government to meet the requirements, for example in federal elections and in the promotion of vocational training.

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The legislative norms in a concurrent situation are applied in the following order:
  • The federal constitution (Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepulik Deutschland)
  • The state constitution of the Land Baden-Württemberg
  • State decree-laws of the Federal Republic and the Land
  • Ordinances of the commune
The only norms which can be established in the township are ordinances
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The Principal Ordinance of the Town Kandern sets up the organization of the area municipality. It states: the Municipal Council and the Burgomaster are the elected administrative bodies in the town. They form two decision-making commissions (on administration, on technical matters).
The town is organized in quarters with an election procedure adapted to strengthen then representation of the quarters in the Municipal Council.
The smallest units for local self-rule are the hamlets. They are congruent to the town quarters, and have the Hamlet Council (Ortschaftsrat) and the President of the Hamlet (Ortsvorsteher) as administrative bodies. The latter is chief of the Hamlet Administration. The main function of these bodies is to give advice to the Municipality on behalf of the hamlet. On local subjects, they are involved in the decision making process and in some special subjects they can decide on their own.
Download: Principal Ordinance (in German)
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